Riley Green announced that his new album, ‘Ain’t My Last Rodeo,’ will be released October 13th.

The music and lyrics from the 12-track project are heavily influenced by the rural, small town and slower way of living that Green experiences when he’s off the road. The title Ain’t My Last Rodeo takes its name from a track on the LP, “My Last Rodeo,” which Green wrote following one of the final conversations he had with his late Grandaddy in the hospital.  Said Green: “I was fortunate enough to grow up within about three miles of my grandparents, so they were a huge part of my growing up and who I am—and this album is a lot of who I am. This is really the first time I was able to really take my time, write and record songs that really felt like a cohesive album—I’m really proud of it and want to thank the fans for all of their encouragement—I hope y’all enjoy it.”

The tracklist includes a song with Jelly Roll, and also features several familiar tunes including a cover of Tim McGraw’s “Damn Country Music,” which will be available this Friday, September 1st. Ain’t My Last Rodeo also includes Green’s current single, “Different ‘Round Here” featuring Luke Combs,

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